Negotiation Insights

Negotiation Insights

Negotiation Advice International (NAI) Managing Director Peter D. Johnston shares negotiation insights, strategies, and resources through this blog. In the past, his negotiation blog has explored topics covering everything from best practices in negotiating sports deals and negotiating with tyrants to negotiating hostage-takings. Peter focuses on timely and relevant negotiation topics, inspired by recent client engagements, negotiation speeches he has delivered, or negotiations and conflicts in the news.

Peter is an international negotiation expert, leading negotiation advisor, thinker and practitioner, sought-after negotiation speaker, and bestselling negotiation author. His award-winning book, Negotiating with Giants, relays lessons from our firm’s advisory work, extensive research, and some of history’s most difficult negotiations, ranging from trade deals and hostage-takings to the achievement of the Magna Carta. Peter’s negotiation results have been formally recognized by the United States Government for their positive economic and social impact, both domestically and abroad.

As one of the world’s foremost negotiation experts, Peter has worked with clients ranging from the United Nations, World Bank, and Heads of State to corporations such as HSBC, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Suez, as well as high-profile unions, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

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