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Negotiation Training for Individuals or Organizations

At Negotiation Advice International (NAI), we provide our clients with the world’s most thorough, rigorous, and memorable negotiation training.

Our negotiation seminars and negotiation workshops — one to five days in length — are entertaining, highly interactive, and driven by wide-ranging cases which you as participants negotiate together, as part of role-playing, and then debrief as a class.

Consistent with our firm’s roots at Harvard and Harvard negotiation training, brief presentations during our negotiation courses highlight key lessons. Our negotiation skills training explores the practices and mindsets of history’s best negotiators and applies them to your professional life based on breakthrough research by the founder of our firm, Peter D. Johnston.

Peter is one of the world’s foremost negotiation experts and the bestselling author of Negotiating with Giants. He has worked with clients ranging from the United Nations, World Bank, and Heads of State to corporations such as HSBC, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, and Suez, as well as unions, including the APA which represents the pilots at American Airlines.

Our negotiation workshops and seminars, which Peter personally conducts, are driven by the results that he and NAI have achieved for organizations and individuals across hundreds of negotiations — results formally recognized by the government of the United States for their positive economic and social impact. As a negotiator and negotiation advisor who has conducted Harvard negotiation training for decades, Peter always shares real-life stories in our negotiation classes as he leads discussions and transfers world-class negotiation skills and mindsets to our participants.

Specialized negotiation classes can focus on topics such as contract negotiation training, collective agreement negotiation training, executive negotiation training, crisis negotiation training, sales negotiation training, and conflict negotiation training.

“Thank you very much for an excellent seminar last week. You were a big hit with everyone. The best compliment I've heard is that people have actually lost sleep thinking about the course materials and exercises.”
—Jan Schwartz
Oracle Corporation
“Johnston gives surprising answers...presenting unique strategies and concrete steps...”
—Harvard Business School, Bulletin Magazine
“I just wanted to thank you again for your training earlier this week and to let you know that you were a huge hit and that you are still being talked about.”
—Tom Jose
Executive, Toyo Tires


Negotiation Training Delivered In-Person or Online

We offer negotiation seminars for organizations, available both in-person and online. We also offer live, open negotiation workshops for individuals, delivered exclusively online, allowing professionals from around the world to come together virtually with others seeking the same negotiation skills training.

Whether delivered in-person or online, our offerings range from introductory negotiation training to highly advanced negotiation training. One way or another, these exceptional negotiation classes have proven life-changing for many of our participants, both professionally and personally.

For Organizations

Find out more about our in-person or online negotiation training for companies, governments, NGOs, and non-profits.

For Individuals

Find out more about our online negotiation training if you are interested in negotiation skills training for yourself, independent of any organization with which you may or may not be affiliated.


What Makes Us Different: Tailored Harvard Negotiation Training Delivered by a Renowned Negotiation Expert

Expert Negotiation Teaching

All of our negotiation seminars and workshops are led by one of the world’s leading negotiators and negotiation advisors, Peter D. Johnston. Peter conducts a limited number of seminars and workshops every year, all of which are steeped in Harvard negotiation training but go well beyond the basics of such training by incorporating our firm’s distinct approaches to tackling your most challenging negotiations, as detailed in Peter’s international bestseller Negotiating with Giants. While Peter has been heavily immersed in academics and research related to the study of negotiation, he spends most of his time advising clients or negotiating directly on their behalf, so his teaching is always grounded and practical. 

Highly Tailored Negotiation Classes

Our negotiation classes are carefully tailored to your specific needs as an individual or organization. All participants fill out detailed online questionnaires in advance to ensure we understand what you want to focus on and learn in your negotiation skills training, and we structure the content of your negotiation training accordingly.

Strategic and Memorable Negotiation Techniques

In our negotiation seminars and workshops, and keeping with Harvard negotiation training approaches, we do not believe in trying to load our participants up with hundreds of superficial tactics that are impossible to remember six months later. Instead, you’ll learn, practice, and absorb a limited number of memorable negotiation strategies, proven mindsets, and mental models that will allow you to readily apply the takeaways from our teaching and excel in any environment. Among our core takeaways: we will ensure that you know how to negotiate not just at the negotiation table but also away from the negotiation table—a frequently overlooked critical advantage where considerable value can be created.

Fresh Takeaways from the Negotiation Field

We will share the results of our latest research and practice based on our ongoing work in the negotiation field and our new publications with you. Whenever appropriate, we will also talk about negotiations and conflicts that we’ve been working on recently, on a no-names basis, to add context to our teaching and the lessons being imparted.

We Are in Your World as Negotiators

Over time, our negotiation team has worked in most sectors and industries. If by chance we don’t already have experience with your specific industry or type of business, we will quickly get up to speed before our session and apply all of our teachings to the realities of your world. As such, you’ll know exactly what to do when you go back to work following our time together in a negotiation seminar or workshop tailored to your distinct context and needs, either as an individual or organization.

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For Organizations

Find out more about our in-person or online negotiation training for companies, governments, NGOs, and non-profits.

For Individuals

Find out more about our online negotiation training if you are interested in negotiation skills training for yourself, independent of any organization with which you may or may not be affiliated.

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