Negotiation Consulting for Non-Profit Organizations

We provide advice, mediation, and training to help non-profit organizations around the world — including educational institutions, health authorities, sports clubs, environmental groups, and foundations — with their most challenging negotiations.

In addition to non-profit clients, our team has advised clients ranging from the United Nations, World Bank, and Heads of State, to corporations such as HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, and Microsoft, and high-profile unions.

The Managing Director of Negotiation Advice International (NAI), Peter D. Johnston, spearheads all of our client engagements. He is an internationally recognized negotiation expert, sought-after negotiation consultant, speaker, mediator, and bestselling author. His award-winning book, Negotiating with Giants, relays lessons from our firm’s advisory work and some of history’s most difficult negotiations. Peter’s negotiation results have been formally recognized by the United States Government for their positive economic and social impact, both domestically and abroad.

We consistently achieve superior results for non-profits on all fronts, including external non-profit negotiations, conflict management, mediation, difficult boardroom dynamics, and negotiating internal decisions.

Below are a dozen brief examples of engagements executed by our principals with non-profit organizations. We always try to give back to our local and global communities, and as such, our services advising on non-profit negotiations, training non-profits, and speaking at non-profit events are provided at a standard discount to our rates for other NAI clients.

As negotiation experts trusted by business, government, and non-profit leaders, as well as athletes, celebrities, and public figures, our reputation for discretion and confidentiality is critical to us. Given the sensitive nature of our work, most of our clients’ names can never be made public. However, we do identify some clients when and as appropriate, only connecting them to detailed project descriptions on an exceptional basis.

Peter Johnston is “an exceptional negotiator” with “enormous patience and perseverance,” and “inspires trust.”
—Harry Barnes, Jimmy Carter’s
Former Director, Conflict Resolution Center
Peter Johnston is “a leading light in his field.”
—Roger Fisher
Harvard Law School Professor and Bestselling Author of Getting to Yes
“The feedback from the group was outstanding. Your passion and insight had a profound impact. Your book is one that the entire group is proud to own.”
—Greg Hessian
Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, Ontario, Canada

From Online Negotiation Workshops and In-Person Presentations to Negotiation Advice and Conflict Management: Examples of Non-Profit Negotiations and Services

Acetech Leadership Organization

We delivered a one-day workshop on asymmetric negotiation to this group of technology CEOs based on our firm’s global research, our client work, and our international bestseller, Negotiating with Giants. 

Educational Institutions

We helped a fantastic K-12 school refine its approach to influencing key stakeholders through social media, emails, video, and overall communications with students, parents, and prospective parents. In another such school, we were asked to talk through different personality types and how teachers could tailor their lessons and approaches to influence students based on their individual profiles. 

Foundation Advocating Corporate Social Responsibility

We conducted two tailored online training sessions for this highly respected US foundation chartered to promote corporate social responsibility through shareholder advocacy, coalition building, and legal strategies. Our mandate: to further enhance the foundation’s existing negotiation skills in the midst of challenging influence dynamics with a wide range of stakeholders.

Organization Promoting Green Technologies

This US-based group fell victim to Business Email Compromise (BEC), with the result being hundreds of thousands of dollars stolen, misdirected to fake bank accounts that did not belong to the supplier intended to receive the funds in question. We advised this non-profit on dealings with its supplier, bank, insurers, and legal counsel.

Health Professions Board

We spent a day training and advising board members who oversee complaints about a wide range of medical professionals within their jurisdiction and render judgments. Our focus related to a number of systemic and profound cognitive biases and how they can dramatically influence doctors, resulting in flawed medical outcomes and likely a significant portion of complaints brought to the board. We also discussed what to do about preventing and raising awareness of these cognitive biases, along with best practices in communication between doctors and patients.

Justice Institute of British Columbia

We created and delivered a one-day training session on asymmetric negotiations for this organization that delivers internationally recognized programs in public safety, community, and social justice. The content was focused on stories, research, and advice from our book, Negotiating with Giants.

Historic Golf Club

We were called in by board members of one of North America’s oldest golf clubs because of an escalating conflict over the new placement of one of the club’s tee boxes in close proximity to a private residence. After consulting the board and affected neighbors, the issue was resolved through a number of changes to the specific layout of the area where players tee off.

Patients and Medical Professionals Negotiating Healthcare

We have advised dozens of individuals in their negotiations with medical systems across North America, including doctors in their negotiations with patients, doctors negotiating their fees, and patients who feel they aren’t being heard. We were part of crafting a negotiation course for doctors in the US and have delivered keynote speeches to healthcare groups about how to best influence outcomes with patients and insurers. We have also advised governments and insurers on their approaches to patients and alternatives to traditional care including remote healthcare. In short, we are passionate about healthcare and improved health outcomes based on global best practices.


Real Estate Association

We spent a morning with these realtors talking through best practices in negotiating the purchase and sale of both residential and commercial real estate. Our discussion delved into the psychology of purchasing, owning property, and what will and won’t influence buyers to commit in a timely manner. 

University of Victoria

NAI’s Managing Director, Peter D. Johnston, is a lecturer at this university and when on the West Coast, teaches an intensive one-week course annually to mid-career business and government professionals.

Vancouver Board of Trade

We delivered a keynote breakfast presentation to the city’s business leaders summarizing our breakthrough guide to asymmetric negotiations, Negotiating with Giants, and best practices in corporate negotiations more generally.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board, Ontario, Canada.

We spent a day with a group of mediators at the Board, sharing our perspectives on best and worst practices in mediation and negotiation.

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